Developers of Superior Biotechnology Products for Agriculture

 Success Stories


These success stories are the collaboration of your ideas and the service you receive as a customer of A/B Technologies. By working with your ideas and our technology, we will satisfy your product concept, ingredient guarantees, and packaging requirements. Quality, attention to detail, and great customer service is what our customers have come to expect.


Unique Components Create a Superior Product

A large animal health company wanted to launch a calf paste product containing probiotics and biological factors to replace colostrum, an important “starter” nutrient for young animals. An initial investment with another biotechnology company failed because of poor quality control. Paste consistency was poor and the results varied. Customer complaints followed. Subsequently, the company retained A/B Technologies. We assessed the company’s marketing and quality control needs and recommended a pilot-sized field test of 10 to 15 tubes. Following the test, we modified the product’s color, taste, and consistency, as well as the size of the syringe used to administer the paste. The resulting paste was of a consistently high quality and produced the desired results. A/B Technologies assisted the company in stepping up production to a commercial basis.

Field Testing Yields Reliable Results

A manufacturer of silage-making equipment became a major customer when A/B Technologies solved a difficult technical problem and opened new marketing opportunities. The company wanted a custom-designed silage inoculant that would fit its unique system and be usable at geographic locations throughout the world. Working with the company’s research and development team, we first conducted field experiments on our own 90-acre Oregon research farm. Results enable us to produce 10 different inoculant formulations that meet the company’s specialized packaging requirements and proved environmentally sound. We also recommended manufacturing changes and helped the company introduce new products during its off-season which expanded the company’s marketing base.

From Prototype to Market in 30 Days

Montana cow and calf operations benefited from the work that A/B Technologies performed for a nutrition consulting firm. A/B Technologies works with nutritionists on an ongoing basis to formulate new products. In this case, the consulting firm needed to produce a health product containing bacteria and biological factors to combat newborn calf problems. Moreover, the product needed to be created quickly. We developed a thumbsized bolus that cattlemen could carry in their hip pockets and administer in the field. Product, packaging, label and a promotional flyer took just 30 days to produce.

Building Your Successful Brand

A/B Technologies was recommended by a major vet supply customer, to a company producing equine products. They wanted to develop new products for their market. After the owner of the company spoke with Dr. Speckman, prototypes of paste and powder formulas were manufactured and shipped out to the customer within a few days. After this customer tested the prototypes in the field, five new products went to market within one month. After one year of the initial contact, this company has 11 different private label paste and powder products manufactured by A/B Technologies. The company is very successful in the equine market today.