Developers of Superior Biotechnology Products for Agriculture

A/B Technologies International, Inc.


Developers of Superior Biotechnology Products for Agriculture

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Your Concept + Our Technology = Your Success


Your Idea, Your Product

Do you have an idea for a product that promotes livestock animal health and nutrition? From prototype to market, A/B Technologies develops, manufactures, markets and distributes custom products with your proprietary label. We will never compete with your brand. Our unique combination of biotechnology expertise, responsive customer service, and complete in-house capabilities allows us to offer unparalleled turnaround times and absolute confidentiality.

Biotechnology that Works

Our research-based approach combines egg protein technology for bovine, porcine and avian species, with a multitude of host-specific probiotics and a diverse inventory of enzymes to maximize feed nutrients. Because of the extensive documentation of our all-natural, non-GMO, high-quality components, clients can rely on exact, consistent specialty products that meet rigorous international standards and certifications.



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Research Technologies

Since the early 1980's, A/B Technologies has applied basic research to the needs of agribusiness in the following areas: microbiology, enzymology, and immunology.

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Marketing & Labeling

A/B Technologies develops, manufactures, markets and distributes your custom products with your proprietary label. Custom labeling allows you to build your brand.


Production Methods

A/B Technologies relies on strict standards of quality control and uses modern, high technology facilities worldwide to manufacture products that are consistent, reliable and effective.


Success Stories

Read about some actual examples of how A/B Technologies turned clients’ problems into solutions!


Outstanding Customer Service

Our in-house capabilities ensure rapid turnaround and complete confidentiality.

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In the competitive feed and animal health industries, you maintain your marketing edge by using scientifically-based technologies that improve animal performance at lower costs. A/B Technologies develops and supplies products that promote superior animal health and nutrition. And we do it naturally and non-chemically, using agricultural biotechnology to bring out Nature’s best. Make A/B Technologies’ service-oriented staff a part of your marketing team by contacting us today!

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