Developers of Superior Biotechnology Products for Agriculture

 Production Methods



Microbial production begins with quality ingredients. Isolated in the field, microbial strains are vigorously screened to establish characteristics. Strains are then adapted to the expected environment and tested for such factors as temperature, bile salt tolerance, gastric juice stability, and compatibility with antibiotics. After selection, the strains are again tested in the laboratory and under field conditions.


A/B Technologies relies on strict standards of quality control and uses modern, high technology facilities worldwide to manufacture products that are consistent, reliable and effective. Products meet international standards of purity and quality. Other production factors include choice of composition, packaging, and microencapsulation character. We work with our clients to ensure that microbials arrive ready to use in the appropriate delivery system—paste, pellet, powder or bolus form. All products are packaged for maximum shelf-life and viability.