Developers of Superior Biotechnology Products for Agriculture

Research Technologies 


Since the early 1980’s, A/B Technologies has applied basic research to the needs of agribusiness in the areas of microbiology, enzymology, and immunology.

A/B Technologies’ international connections make us a unique company in agricultural biotechnology.  Because of our extensive documentation of components and high degree of product purity, clients can formulate exact, consistent specialty products that meet international standards and registration procedures.


Fermentation products such as probiotics, enzymes and silage inoculants improve animal survival rates, boost average daily weight gains, and increase feed efficiency.

    • Direct-fed microbials or probiotics – Feed and animal health industries have significantly increased their use of direct-fed microbials—also called probiotics—to optimize conditions in the digestive tract. Probiotic refers to the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and the host animal. Each bacteria from our collection of more than 250 host specific strains has been tested and documented for its ability to grow and multiply in the host -animal gut environment. A/B Technologies is an industry leader in the development and use of avian, bovine, equine and porcine strains. Bacteria are antibiotic compatible and microencapsulated for maximum shelf-life, stability and viability. They are safety tested and documented for registration.  For more information, download the ProBiotics flyer.

    • Enzymes – A feed supplement, enzymes enhance the digestive process by breaking down the feed to maximize the animal’s nutrient use. Tests have been conducted to show the benefits of using enzymes in feed rations. These include: lengthening the digestive tract, increasing bone structure, improving lean meat ratios, and accelerated antibiotic absorption.  For more information, download the Enzyme flyer.

    • Silage Inoculants – We can selectively incorporate specific enzymes and carbohydrates to enhance the performance of your bacterial blends. Through these technologies, we have successfully developed inoculants that are highly successful in conditions that range from wet European grasses to high moisture grains. Our research has enabled us to produce inoculants that are specific to different ensiling situations, allowing our clients to customize products for their customers’ specific conditions.


A safe, natural product of the immune system, antibodies offer a major technical development for the new millineum. They can now be produced as specific components at precise concentrations. And because they neither produce residues or build up resistance factors, they satisfy growers’ and consumers’ desire for natural food products.

In cooperation with our joint venture partner, A/B Technologies leads the industry in the development of cost-effective polyclonal antibody technology. Our ability to produce dry, stable antibodies at a competitive price enables us to provide products to our clients that offer significant benefits, especially for newborn and young animals.

At present, we have developed the technology to produce antibodies for strains of E.coli, salmonella, and rotavirus.

As the industry capitalizes on the advantages of antibody use, this technology will become more widespread in the coming decade.